K03 Turbine Flow

After soaking the turbine to downpipe studs in penetrating oil overnight I was able to remove them from the turbine housing so I could mount the K03 turbocharger on the flowbench.

BorgWarner K03 on Flowbench
BorgWarner K03 on Flowbench

I then went through the same process as I had done with the BW K04 turbocharger, recording the pressure drop through the turbine housing with the rotors fixed.

The composite results of the tests conducted thus far are shown below:


Not surprisingly the K03 hotside flows less air than the K04’s at the same depression.

K03 and K04 on flowbench
K03 (L) and K04 (R) on flowbench

Next up I will be checking the airflow through the K03 housing with the wastegate door open, like what was done with the K04’s.