6th engine pull

Getting ahead of the game, I’ve got plans to put some different turbochargers in the car but at the moment haven’t established exactly what they’ll look like.  The motor is coming out so I can work on a few accessories and swap exhaust manifolds then hopefully within a couple of weeks will have a different set of turbochargers to evaluate.

audi b5 s4 engine pull
6th time the motor has come out of my S4

A lesson learned from this time around, figure out how you are going to plug the braided stainless slave cylinder line BEFORE you install the product.  I wanted to leave the metal slave cylinder in place since I had put some RTV around the housing to keep dust from getting into the bell housing around the slave cylinder.  This meant disconnecting the AN fitting that goes to the metal slave cylinder.  With the stock unit I had a small tube that would slide over the end to plug it when disconnected, not so with this AN fitting.  After disconnecting the fitting and not having any luck holding the line up to keep the fluid in, or being able to find a suitable plug, I let the end of the line drain into a waste container.  Next time around I’ll have a proper plug to put on the end of the line.