Boost Manager Profile Analysis

With the Boost Manager operating and Aquamist’s Flow Sensor recording I logged my S4 to see how the pump duty cycle map that I had created worked out.

Boost Manager Water Methanol Injection System Profile Analysis

I’m attributing the jumpiness in the water/methanol flow to sensor noise which I hope to minimize in the future.

The water/methanol pump duty cycle map is based upon engine speed and manifold pressure (MAP).  As is shown by the left line with arrows, activation of the pump takes place around 2000 rpm once MAP reaches about 6 psi of boost pressure.

At 10% duty cycle the pump is essentially still off with respect to the flow volume, this was first shown when I conducted a calibration session with the water/methanol injection system.  I have the pump at such low duty cycle to get things moving in anticipation of the system injecting a measurable quantity of fluid shortly thereafter.

When engine rpm reaches 2500 and MAP passes 11 psi the pump duty cycle increases and the flow rate increases quickly.  The flow rate tracks with the increasing rpm, though I have some refinement to do in order to match engine speed better.

A couple of other parameters that would be useful to look into are airflow, via the MAF reading, Fuel Injector Duty Cycle, and intake air temperature.

At the right side of the chart the flow rate drops, despite engine speed increasing, because the MAP is dropping and then lowers the pump duty cycle.  This is another area of the chart that will get some attention to refine the pump duty cycle and better manage the fluid flow rate.