Making progress again

I finally decided to abandon my efforts to track down the reason for the ignition switch not functioning correctly and have another set of eyes look at the problem.  Part of the process of getting the salvage title revised to read repaired and to get the car registered involves having the needed repairs made.  Luckily in my case there was almost no damage to the car so the repairs were very easy, the ignition lock cylinder was the only functional damage and I’d replaced that immediately with a replacement part I’d found in the glove box.  Still, I wanted a shop to look the car over so I’d have documentation to present to the DMV inspector showing that the car had been looked over by a mechanic.  I had the car towed to HB Motorwerks, which is where I routinely take the car when I need help with it, and Paul was able to quickly determine that I had been one wire off when hooking up the clutch position sensor.  In short order the wiring was done correctly and the car started with the ignition as it’s supposed to do.

With the car back at my garage I can now move on to some additional suspension work.

Stasis/Ohlins Motorsport Coilovers and Stern Adjustable Upper Control Arms

I’ll be swapping out the KW V3 coilovers for a set of Stasis/Ohlin Motorsports, and I have a set of Stern adjustable upper control arms to install.  First on the agenda will be to apply some Boeshield to the adjustment threads on the coilovers to protect them.  The coilovers just came back from a fresh rebuild at PSI.

PSI Servicing sticker on Stasis/Ohlin shock