Tiptronic Torque Converter Removal

Time to separate these two:

Audi B5 S4 Tiptronic Transmission

The trick is getting the Audi Torque Converter (TC) off, this guy:

Audi B5 S4 Torque Converter

Here’s the old parts:

Audi B5 S4 transmission and torque converter

After removing the torque converter:

Audi B5 S4 transmission

Alternator, starter, turbo outlet hardpipe all removed to gain access to the Torx bolt (3x) that needs to be removed to get the Torque Converter off:

Audi B5 S4 motorTaking the torque converter off was a bit more difficult than the Audi Bentley manual makes it appear.  There is a sight hole underneath the motor where the transmission attaches that allows a tool to be inserted.  I doubt this can be done with the motor in the car unless the subframe is moved, but I could be wrong.  Even having the parts out of the car trying to get the bolts loose via this access port was too difficult for me.  I could not get a good angle with the Torx bit and ended up breaking a swivel socket trying from this angle.

I learned that removing the starter would also give access to the bolt, and in fact via the location where the starter goes there would be more room.  So I took the motor mount off, then I removed the turbocharger outlet hardpipe and coupler hose.  Next the alternator was removed and finally I had a clear shot at removing the starter.

With the starter out of the way I was able to get a torx socket onto the bolt and apply pressure with a breaker bar.  There was quite a bit of force required to break the bolt free but it did.  After getting all three of the bolts broken free I removed the transmission.