Injectors Swapped

Today I checked the pre-load on the K04 to ensure they were still balanced, which they were, and I also swapped out the fuel injectors. I have been using 60# EV14’s with the last couple of turbochargers but when I had the K04’s originally tuned they were with 72# EV14’s.  My current plans are to primarily collect some temperature and pressure data such that the fuel injectors being used are not very important to my goal.  I’m also thinking that if I want to give an E85 tune a try these will be better suited to that task.

I also cleaned off the TTE550’s a little and have decided to try and sell them.

TTE550 Turbochargers
TTE550 Turbochargers

At this time I have four sets of turbochargers and there’s not much point in continuing to keep all of these turbochargers around, especially since I still have to give the Silly Rabbit Motorsport RS4+ turbo’s an evaluation, and I’m considering checking into the Turbo Concepts offerings also.

mix of turbochargers
Top L-R: TTE 550 & BW K03
Bottom L-R: FT21 & BW K04