EGT Model Accuracy

With stock K03’s, fueling, and MAF sensor the EGT model had proven to be a close match to the readings recorded via the full range RS6 EGT sensors on my car.

Stock tune on dyno:

K03 Stock Tune
K03 Stock Tune


Nefmoto community tune on dyno:

Nefmoto Tune
Nefmoto Stg2 Tune


NVR tune on dyno:

NVR Stg2++ Tune
NVR Stg2++ Tune


With my conversion over to RS4 K04’s, RS4 MAF sensor, and Bosch 72# EV14 fuel injectors I looked once more at how the modeled EGT’s compared with the readings from the RS6 EGT sensors.

K04 Stg3 tune on Street:

Audi B5 S4 Modeled EGT's vs Measured EGT's
Modeled EGT’s vs Measured EGT’s


With this setup on the street the modeled temperatures are becoming less accurate.  The mid-range modeled temperatures exceed those recorded by the sensors.