Backing the subframe out

After lowering the subframe down it was necessary to raise the rear of the car high enough so that I could pull the subframe back and have the rear uprights clear the rear portion of the wheel well.

Jacked rear end

Dropped subframe

Subframe looking forward

Driver side subframe

Another driver side subframe

Jacked full view

With the subframe ready to be moved over to the Silver car I addressed another small issue on the Silver car.  The water temperature gauge had not seemed to move at all the one time I had the car running for more than a minute or so.  I thought perhaps the coolant temperature sensor was bad so I decided to remove the sensor from the Santorin car’s engine and put the sensor in the Silver car.  Getting the sensor out of the Silver prove to be a bit of a challenge.  After getting enough parts out of the way to have a clear shot at the sensor it took quite a bit of rocking the sensor back and forth to get it to break the seal with the coolant hard pipe and come out.

Coolant temperature sensorAnd the current state of the garage…

Garage picture

So far the following has been done:

  • All of the coilovers have been transferred
  • The front big brake kit (calipers and rotors and stainless steel brake lines) has been moved
  • The front control arms and uprights are swappped
  • The front sway bar swapped
  • Four of five wheels (includes spare) have been replaced
  • External mirror housings swapped
  • Rearview mirror installed
  • Ignition lock cylinder replaced
  • New cabin air filter
  • New engine air filter
  • New oil filter & oil
  • Swapped coolant temperature sensor