A-Pillar Boost Gauge

I got around to re-installing the A-pillar gauge pod and boost gauge today.  I have it tied into the turbo compressor signal line so I get pressure at the compressor, the downside is all I get is positive pressure, no vacuum.  Eventually I’ll run this line elsewhere and have the compressor signal line going to a data collector.

SPP A-Pillar Gauge Pod
SPP A-Pillar Gauge Pod

I also went and made a short log just to evaluate whereabouts the stock tune lands on the BW K03 compressor map.  There’s room to expand here:

k03_comp_chart_overlayAs expected the boost comes on quickly; for comparison a K04 size turbo would reach the 8-9 psi mark about 500 rpm later.

k03_boostFinally, I was a little surprised at how flat the IAT’s were.  This is on stock boost levels, but I had spent a couple of minutes sitting at lights before making this log and normally with other turbo’s (larger and more boost), I’d be seeing a decent climb in the intake temps.  The takeaway here is that for how the car was built by Audi to be operated the stock IC’s look to do a fine job.

Stock IC and Stock Tune IAT
Stock IC’s and Stock tune with BW K03’s

Lastly, my hope is to soon get this thing connected so I can test out the Eurodyne BoostManager Water/Methanol injection system.

Eurodyne Boost Manager