Insurance Claim Epilogue

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My fight with the Insurance company was more evenly matched thanks to some internal and external factors.

  1. Being able to do research on the Internet helped with understanding the dynamics of the situation and learning from other’s experiences.  The links to articles and videos (now in the posts) were valuable for understanding the bigger picture.
  2. The shop that routinely services my S4 was instrumental in informing me how the Insurance companies handle claims.  Because they routinely are dealing with insurance companies they were able to tell me ‘how it goes’.
  3. I had a property & casualty insurance license which put me in the company of insurance agents on occasion and afforded me the opportunity to solicit suggestions as well as understand what was motivating the other side.
  4. I was trained (not licensed) as a real estate property appraiser which allowed me to scrutinize the market value appraisal reports generated by CCC with a critical eye.
  5. I’m a B5 S4 enthusiast and this car was crafted to my specifications from the moment Audi started bending metal.  My long history with the platform has exposed me to the various aftermarket parts available and that familiarity was fundamental to calling B.S. with poor comparables as well as insisting on being awarded with appropriate compensation for the modifications that my car had.
  6. Hiring an independent auto appraiser ended the debate with the insurance company and resulted in a payout I was satisfied with.

If you find yourself in a similar situation fighting an insurance company hopefully some of the information I have posted will assist you.