BorgWarner K04 Turbochargers on hand

Another turbocharger option is now residing in my basement.  I came across a classified ad for a number of 2.7T parts that included this pair of low mileage BorgWarner RS4 K04’s.  With only a little over 10,000 miles on them I could not pass up the opportunity to put some K04’s back onto my S4, or alternatively to use them as the starting point for an upgrade to a RS6 based hybrid.

For the time being I am sticking with BorgWarner K03’s to gather some additional performance data and to try and continue the Nefmoto Stage 1 Tuning thread , but my hope is to swap in the K04’s by summertime and get some numbers on them with my existing additional hardware.

Image of BorgWarner RS4 K04 Turbochargers
BorgWarner RS4 K04 Turbos