Stasis Streetsport Suspension Work

The Avant is outfitted with the Stasis Streetsport Coilover Suspension, though it is set a bit low at the rear of the car.  It is visibly low, and when measuring I found the center of the wheel to the wheel-well edge to be 12.5 inches, a full inch less than what Stasis recommends for the B5 S4.  I decided to do something about it.


I wasn’t having any success trying to adjust the height with the coilover on the car so I decided to remove it so I could raise the height up to the recommended 13.5 inches.  Even after removing the driver side so I could get better leverage I found I could not get the spring perch to budge.  Lots of penetrating oil and efforts to scrape gunk out of the threads was getting me nowhere.

Audi B5 S4 Stasis Streetsport Coilover Suspension Driver SideI began to consider alternative solutions, like cutting the perch and buying a replacement part.  After contacting PSI to run through some options I was more convinced that cutting the ring may be the best option.

To decide if one or two rings may be needed I moved over to the passenger side to try removing and adjusting that coilover.

Audi B5 S4 Stasis Streetsport Coilover Suspension Passenger Side

Same result, not budging.  Before I move to the extreme step of cutting the perch off I am going to see if a local shop can do anything with it.  The threads are in good shape without a hint of rust or corrosion, but this piece is stuck in place good.