Swaintech ceramic coated downpipes

The long pole in the tent that I’ve been waiting on to get started reinstalling my motor has been getting my Autospeed downpipes ceramic coated by Swaintech.

downpipes with swaintech coating
Autospeed 3 inch Downpipes with Swaintech Coating

While they were being sent out for the coating I decided to send along the turbo inlet pipes that run along the length of the exhaust manifold to give them the coating as well.


Swaintech coated inlets
TiAL Turbo Inlets with Swaintech Coating

I decided to go with the Swaintech coating based upon the advertised thickness which was a good amount thicker than the other coatings that I could find information about.

swaintech coating close up
Downpipe with Swaintech Coating