Need to tune it down

This is an approximation for where the current tune lands on the K04 compressor map.

Plotting the data on the map is subject to errors from estimating the pre-turbocharger pressure losses, post-turbocharger pressure losses, and the engine volumetric efficiency at different speeds.

I’ve previously taken readings of pre and post-turbo pressure losses to have an idea of what they would be, but the readings were not made at this manifold pressure level, which is higher than what the readings were made at.  The higher manifold pressure would result in greater pre and post turbo pressure drop than what I have recorded.  That means the results are potentially further up the compressor map, at a higher PR, than what is shown in the maps below.

For these examples the maximum pre-turbo pressure drop is estimated to be 1 psi and the maximum post-turbo pressure loss is estimated to be 2.5 psi.  The losses increase to the maximum values as a function of engine speed.

Engine VE is estimated as shown here:

Estimate for engine Volumetric Efficiency
Estimate for engine Volumetric Efficiency

Plotting the information produces this result:

Chart of K04 compressor map with high boost tune

Then shown below is a similar boost profile and corresponding map overlay.  This is a shorter pull, but started at a lower rpm, which shifts the boost onset line to the left.  I was concerned about compressor stall possible occurring when going wide open throttle at low engine speed.

Chart of BorgWarner RS4 K04 Boost Onset
BorgWarner RS4 K04 Boost Onset
Chart of K04 compressor map with high boost tune and early wide open throttle
BW RS4 K04

These results are in excess of what I am comfortable with for long term use.