TorqByte Tuning

Slowly I’ve been trying to get up to speed on the TorqByte water-methanol injection controller and the TorqTune software application that gives access to the functionality of the controller.  The software has a good deal of capability, more than I am accustomed to from a WMI system, and thus is taking some time to get familiar with.

Up to now I have just been injecting a small amount of liquid and not given much concern to how it is being injected since my goal has been to keep IAT’s in check during dyno pulls.  Looking at some of the recent data (below) I decided to start tweaking the software settings, primarily the pump duty cycle table that drives the injection rate.


I’ve chosen to try and up the WMI flow rate slightly around the point where peak boost pressure is being reached and also to slightly pull back on the injection rate beyond 5000 rpm.

The pump duty cycle table is straight forward to modify (below).


The engine speed range is adjustable on the main page and the setting updates on the table, shown above the maximum engine speed on the table is 7500 rpm.  I dropped this down to 7000 rpm since I rarely get much past 6500 rpm.  This changed the engine speed increments from 500 rpm intervals to 400 rpm intervals.

I then went into the table and updated the duty cycle at the engine speeds of interest, around 3400 rpm and past 5000.

This configuration is saved to a unique file and then can be loaded into the TorqByte controller via a USB cable.