Survey Insights

I inadvertently deleted the early phase graphs that were shown below as the survey continued.

The first 24 hours of the B5 S4 survivors survey has had a large number of participants reporting on 260 Audi B5 S4’s.

Already an interesting result can be see when comparing the survey findings with the production numbers reported on the S4Wiki page for North American Audi B5 S4’s.

[Picture used to be here]

There is a definite shift in ownership to the later model years.  The first model year, 2000, is now 15% behind the share of total B5 S4’s from where it was when production of the B5 S4 stopped.

This is more significant when one considers that the 2000 model year was the only year that the B5 S4 was produced without the Electronic Stability Program, a feature that many enthusiasts are glad not to have.

Comparing the body styles, another trend is noticed.

[Picture used to be here]

While the percentages are likely within the margin of error, the trend is showing Avants comprising the larger percentage of current B5 S4’s that are on the road as compared to when production stopped in 2002.

This makes sense because the Avant models have commanded a higher sales price versus the Sedan models, which one would think should attract buyers that show greater concern for taking care of the vehicle they have purchased.