More Thermal Spacers

A while back I purchased a set of Phenolic spacers from Autospeed Performance to use on my car.  A well read visitor will note that I have thoroughly documented how the similar phenolic thermal spacers from 034 failed to impress me.  So why would I purchase another set of these?  It wasn’t to try and prove or disprove Autospeed’s claims that:

  • Proven to reduce intake air temps as much as 10%
  • Reduced intake air temperatures result in better throttle response
  • Maximizes spark advance
  • Reducing the influence of detonation
  • Overall increased torque and power

Though it would be great if these phenolic spacers managed to do all that for my S4.  No, I bought the Autospeed spacers because I had sold off the 034 spacers only to discover a while later that my RS4 Y-pipe did not fit on top of the stock S4 manifold as well without them.  I simply bought the phenolic thermal spacers to raise the intake manifold slightly.

As a side bonus I do plan on subjecting the Autospeed product to a similar rigorous evaluation as I did with the 034 product, who knows, maybe the phenolic material Autospeed uses in their thermal spacers is capable of delivering the results claimed.

Autospeed Phenolic Thermal Spacers
Autospeed Phenolic Thermal Spacers