Siliconeintakes Triple Grip Design

Run, don’t walk, away from the AN adapter using their “Triple Grip” design.  What an abomination. I bought some braided stainless line to use for measuring exhaust gas pressure pre-turbo and grabbed a couple of AN fittings in the process from Siliconeintakes.

This was my first experience putting together an AN fitting on a stainless line and after about 30 minutes I had what I thought to be a proper setup.  Then I realized that when I had put the ferrule on the PTFE hose I had put the PTFE outside the ferrule.  So I took the line apart, trimmed back  a little of the hose to get a clean edge and set about trying to put the PTFE hose through the ferrule, I guess this is the piece that makes it a Triple grip design, but as far as I’m concerned it’s the piece that makes the Triple grip a PITA and a complete disaster.

An hour later I was not closer to having a completed coupling but I had a disfigured hose ending and a wish that I had purchased a name brand fitting. AN adapater
What a mess.