Turbo Selection Path Consideration

Next up in the decision process is an acknowledgment that whatever turbo system goes on the car is not going to be the last.  As I mentioned previously, at some point I expect to have the car built to a state that supporting the TiAL R770’s is a realistic option.  The time frame for that configuration is still undetermined, but it is probably at least two years out.  Knowing that the choice of turbochargers I make now is temporary I’m not looking to pay a premium for performance that can be matched by a similar product.

Taking a look over the candidate list I don’t see any point in paying for the Borg-Warner RS6-K04 setup, nor is there much justification for paying the added cost that comes with the JHM RS6-R turbo’s.

  • Borg-Warner K03
  • Borg-Warner K04
  • Project B5: RS4-X
  • FrankenTurbo F4H-BT
  • FrankenTurbo F21
  • Borg-Warner RS6-K04
  • Project B5: RS6-X
  • JHM RS6-R
  • LOBA Motorsport LO530P
  • Silly Rabbit Motorsport RS6 K24
  • TiAL Sport s605.2
  • Garrett GT28RS
  • TiAL Sport R770
  • Single Turbo Kit

The remaining candidates span the performance range for a stock motor B5 S4 and will require some detailed analysis to determine which product will be best suited to my evolving goals.

Even though I’ve managed to whittle the field down pretty quickly there is always the chance that a wild card will pop up – somebody selling a new/used set at a tremendous discount that piques my interest.

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