Ignition lock success

I was a bit worried about how I was going to remove the lock cylinder with the section that holds the key punched out.  The proper technique for removing the lock cylinder involves putting the key in and then turning the cylinder so that the correct tool (or large paper clip) can be inserted in the hole near the key to retract the metal bar that holds the lock cylinder in place.


Fortunately with a few tools like a flat blade screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and the large paper clip I was able to remove the damaged part.

Audi S4 lock clylinder

Inserting the new part that I had found in the glove box was an easy process and I was glad to find that it was keyed properly, the key that was supplied with the vehicle (there were two) worked in the new lock cylinder and the car started with the key.

New lock cylinder

Since I had the camera inside the car I snapped a few other shots of the current condition of the car.

Interior console picture

Instrument cluster

Passenger side

Front seats

Rear seats

And a picture of the engine compartment.

Engine compartment