Pre-Turbo Exhaust Pressure

The past few weeks I’ve spent assembling and wiring a variety of sensors into the car and I’m finally reaching the point where I can make some recordings.

Here is a comparison of the manifold pressure on K03’s with a Stage 2 tune versus the exhaust pressure just prior to the turbocharger turbine inlet.

BW K03 Turbocharger manifold pressure versus turbine inlet pressure chart

I’ve still got some more work to do with the car, this is an early release version of the TorqByte water-methanol system controller, it is a replacement for the Eurodyne BoostManager.  The TorqByte group are the people who put together the guts of the BoostManager and since Eurodyne stopped supporting BoostManager the TorqByte group has picked up the product and are making some nice enhancements to it.

TorqByte Water-Methanol Injection Controller and MAP sensor
TorqByte Water-Methanol Controller and MAP Sensor