FT21 Removal Underway

I made some good progress toward moving on from the FrankenTurbo F21’s to the TTE 550’s.  Engine was removed along with the driver side FT21.  I’m hoping to have the second FT21 removed today so it can be shipped back to FrankenTurbo for some porting of the turbine housing.  (We’re interested in seeing if there is an affect on exhaust side back pressure with porting of the turbine housing).  These will come back for additional flowbench testing in addition to another run on the S4.

FrankenTurbo F21 removed from engine
One FT21 removed


In order to recycle my coolant I collect it in the rectangular box (1), transfer it to the plastic jug (2), and then run it through a coffee filter back into a coolant container (3).  Because the filtering process takes a while I have two going at the same time and refill the funnel when I have a break doing other tasks on the car.

Engine coolant reuse

Both turbo’s are out, and now boxed up for shipping back to FrankenTurbo.

Picture of FrankenTurbo F21 Mixed Flow Turbochargers
FrankenTurbo F21 Mixed Flow Turbochargers