Wrapped up

Took advantage of some warmer weather to get out and wrap the K03 turbochargers in Thermal Zero’s turbocharger blankets (k16/k24 model).

Also added a piece of  DEI Titanium exhaust wrap around the tops of the K03 turbine housings to cover the area where the Turbo blankets come together because there are some gaps around the exhaust manifold.

DEI Thermal Wrap around Turbocharger Turbine
DEI Titanium Exhaust wrap

I was also able to check the movement of the wastegate arm and it was not impeded by the turbo blanket.

Thermal Zero turbo blanket on driver side turboThe downpipes were coated with Swaintech white lightning ceramic coating and then wrapped in DEI’s titanium exhaust wrap.  I sprayed the DEI wrap with their silicone spray in order to lessen the chance of any of the fabric fraying – we’ll see how the silicone spray and fabric wrap hold up.

Thermal Zero Turbocharger blanket on passenger side turbocharger

DEI thermal wrap over Swaintech white lightning coating and thermal zero turbo blankets