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Turbo Concepts Exhaust Gas Temperatures

Further comparing the Turbo Concepts Stage 1 turbochargers to the Borg Warner K04’s, the chart below is an illustration of how the exhaust gas temperatures compare.

The pre-turbo temperature is recorded via the car’s Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors which are RS6 units.

Audi RS6 EGT sensors going into B5 S4
Audi RS6 EGT Sensors for B5 S4

Post turbo temperatures are recorded via a temperature probe located at a pre-catalytic converter bung that is also used with a wideband O2 sensor.

Auber Instruments K-type thermocouple
Auber Instruments K-type thermocouple

Temperature readings at about the same manifold boost pressure are shown below.

Turbo Concepts and BW K04 Exhaust Gas Temperatures compared

With the EGT’s starting slightly higher on the Turbo Concepts turbo’s the higher readings throughout are expected.

Nothing notable jumps out at me from these results, both turbo’s look to perform about the same under the conditions that these readings were made.