S4/RS4 Parts Exchange Instructions

Note:  The functionality of this page is still under development. This note will be removed when the page is ready for use.

To submit an entry of B5 S4/RS4 parts to be listed on the B5 S4/RS4 Used Parts exchange follow these instructions:

  1. Download the example worksheet (Link to example spreadsheet).
  2. Follow the example in the first line of the worksheet and fill in below the first line those items that you wish to list.
  3. If you have an online link (URL address) to a picture of the part  take care to adhere to the format shown.  Pictures that are not sized correctly will result in that line being deleted from the exchange list.
  4. Once you have filled out the worksheet save the file and email it to flyboy at myaudis4.com

It is important to follow the format in the example carefully as the file will be imported into a table that displays the information on the web page.


I have found that searching for used parts from other B5 S4/RS4 owners is a hit or miss proposition in the best cases.  In the worst case it can become a search for a needle in a haystack.


There are a number of resources for obtaining new and used parts for the B5 S4/RS4.  Some have positive attributes, but I have not found a source that I have a high level of satisfaction with.


  • DEDICATED B5 USED PARTS SITE:  Internet sites such as AudiS4Parts and Wolf Auto Parts are decent sources specializing in used Audi parts.  Price and selection are sometimes not what I have hoped for.
  • CAR-PARTS.com:  This site has one of the better formats for finding parts, the main downside I have experienced is dealing with salvage yards.  I find them to generally be non-responsive to inquiries submitted via email or the online request form.
  • eBAY: I have had poor success finding used B5 S4/RS4 parts on eBay.  A search for parts routinely turns up parts I am not interested in.
  • FORUM CLASSIFIEDS:  A number of forums dedicated to the Audi cars have classified sections for the users to list parts for sale through.  On account of the chronological nature of most of these sites, as the listings age they get buried further in the classified section.  Additionally the search feature on these sites does not return good results most of the time for me.
  • FACEBOOK FOR SALE POSTS: I have not found searching for sale listings on Facebook to be an efficient approach to finding parts I am after.


With general dissatisfaction in the options for finding parts, and a growing collection of parts of my own to get rid of, I began to think about what a better used parts site would look like and how it would function.

Things I would want in a used parts site consist of:

  • Exclusively selling parts for the B5 S4/RS4
  • A database that is easily searched for the parts I want.
  • Ability to comparison shop.
  • Images of the parts.
  • An effective  way to contact the seller.
  • Individual car owners selling the parts.  This is because I find they offer the best prices.

Now the question was, how to put such a resource together?

There are some WordPress plugins that are targeted towards retailers selling automotive parts.  One downside to those is there is a cost to use the product, so that option was out.

There is a plugin that I use with this site already that allows me to create tables.  After some experimenting I found that I could build a for sale *table* that seemed capable of doing what I wanted.  The result is the S4/RS4 Parts Exchange.


The B5 S4/RS4 Parts Exchange is still a pilot program and it is too soon to tell if it will successfully accomplish what I set out to do.

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