Fact or Fiction

Investigating Vendor Claims

Outrageous claims for product performance by vendors annoy me.  Historically I’ve focused most of my research on product categories, ie. exhaust systems, cold air intakes, etc. and not singled out specific vendors.  That changed when I saw ECS Tuning marketing a phenolic spacer, otherwise known as an intake manifold gasket, also called a thermal spacer; bottom line is it’s a product that goes between the cylinder head and intake manifold that purports to lower intake air temperatures.

I’ve already concluded that these devices are probably not very effective following some extensive testing, but finding a reputable company like ECS Tuning making claims that were extraordinary bothered me.  I figured they were either oblivious to the exaggerated claims their marketing people are making, really believe the product performs the incredible feats they claim, something which would seriously damage their credibility in my eyes, or they just don’t care – they’ll say what they want because nobody is holding them accountable.

No matter the cause, the potential consumer of ECS Tuning products, and consumers of other vendors who make exaggerated claims, end up being the ultimate loser if the product claims are not realized.  If a company claims a product will create specific results, and takes payment for that product, the product had better deliver what was promised.

Testing these products and determining if the claims about them are Fact or Fiction is what this section of the site is dedicated to doing.

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